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Practically all machine tools produced today will have either a CNC-type controller or a PLC to control their actions.


For machines with simple control requirements the Allen Bradley SLC series is ideal. This range of PLC supports analogue and digital I/O, high speed counters and can be extended in programming flexibility by adding a module capable of running the high level computer language, Basic.


Other manufacturers, such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron and Modicon produce similar controllers and we can produce software for these processors as well. 



If the machine tool is particularly complex, it may be necessary to upgrade to the Allen Bradley PLC 5 range. This family of processors support all of the functionality of the SLC range, but have an extended selection of intelligent I/O, notably control of closed loop axes. 


Whatever the complexity of the machine, an operator will at some stage have to attend to it. The HMI provides an window to the PLC and this can be as simple or complex as the customer wishes.


We can supply the software for the proprietary Allen Bradley HMIs or provide software and protocols so that a conventional computer can interface the PLC. In this case, the huge capacity of a computer can be utilised for monitoring, parameter storage and data archiving.

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